Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Guest Blogger:Daniel Baudanza

My mom gave me this great cook book.
Creative Cooking Course edited by Charlotte Turgeon.

I can't tell you when it was published because I don't read roman nvmerals but I can tell you that my mom gave it to me because she would never cook anything wrapped in pastry dough.
Luckily, I would love to go to bed wrapped in pasty dough. Add the words ham or pork and I won't ever wake up!
As fancy as this book gets and it does get fancy (there is a page devoted to butter sculpting) this recipe is no more than a humble ham and cheese quiche with a giant cheese flower on top.

I made my own pastry dough but used a different recipe than the one in the book. It called for 4cups of flour for a 9" pie crust and I just didn't understand why I would need that much dough.
I also changed the cheese flower to petals of cheese sandwiched in between some pastry dough like mini cheese puffs.
Otherwise, I stuck to the recipe which was simple ham eggs parmesan and onions. Although for a ham and herb pie there was only a half a teaspoon of tarragon and some salt. I only use teaspoon measures for baking soda and yeast.
All in all it turned out well and very tasty. New secret ingredient--onion water. I will admit that my cheese flower was not anywhere near as impressive as the one in the book.

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