Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Canapés: Andrew Breen and Nicholas Alexander Hayes

(editor's note: Nicholas and Andrew used 500 Tasty Snacks (1941) for this recipe)

1. We followed most of the recipe, except we used lumpfish roe in lieu of caviar. The recipe called for lemon mayo, so we mixed fresh lemon juice with store bought mayo to taste. We cut the white bread with a small wine glass, and used the bread scraps for croutons.

2. This recipe was pretty easy, although we had to handle every little piece carefully. We finished several hours before the party, but the canapés held up well – the toast was still toasty and the shrimp was still glistening. When we try this recipe again, we may experiment with using limejuice, and perhaps trying a different marinade for the shrimp.

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