Monday, April 13, 2009

guest blogger:Daniel Baudanza

I am the kind of cook who is not afraid to invite five or six people over for dinner and have the main course be something I have never cooked before. I am also not afraid of recipes that come from cook books where green mashed potatoes are at home with rings of peas and deviled eggs in aspic are a matter of course.

This recipe is a lot of work for little payoff. First of all there is a long long marinade of dubious flavor and second the whole puff pastry thing just tends to fall to crumbs as you slice the delicate pork inside. Most of this went to the dogs who by the way love puff pastry flavored with pork. I also took the suggestion of making a kicky little decoration with left over pastry dough in the form of a palm frond it being easter and all.

My biggest problem with this recipe are the cooking instructions. Mostly this is my fault, I doubted my own instincts as a cook. The recipe calls for two eight-inch long pork loins to be cooked at 350deg for one hour and forty five minutes!!
I read it twice but gave the book the benefit of the doubt.

My brain did not calculate that this book was written sometime in the late sixties where the difference between eating roast pork and eating a hand full of white sand was salt content. Needless to say the pork turned out very very dry.
Luckily I saved some juice and made a gravy, the time honored tradition of all failed cooks.

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Terri said...

I don't know, Daniel. The picture of the pork dish looks great. But an hour forty-five is a bit hard to believe.