Saturday, November 15, 2008

Frank 'N Potato Pie

I've decided to make the Frank 'N Potato Pie with turkey kielbasa and actual mashed potatoes instead of instant. First of all, old school Culinary Arts Institute books would NEVER have used instant. But in reality, no one eats instant potatoes anymore and I would imagine them to be intolerable to a modern audience, but doesn't it look good.

I'm watching my favorite television program, The Bob Newhart Show. This episode originally aired on November 24th, 1973 (You gotta love Hulu!). That is one week shy of 35 years ago. You have to admit, Emily is pretty cute. The title theme "Home to Emily," makes me want to be home to my own Serena. I wonder if Emily ever made these dishes. It seems unlikely.


Anonymous said...

Instant potatoes are really bad, but you know what's good? The mashed potatoes in the refrigerator section of the grocery store, like Betty Crocker or Hungry Jack brand. They have about 300 calories a tablespoon, but mmmmm.

I said the hell with it and served them for Thanksgiving and everyone loved it.


Kathryn711 said...

Instant potatoes are bad, but you know what's good? Betty Crocker or Hungry Jack brand packaged mashed potatoes in the refrigerated section of the grocery store.

I served them for Thanksgiving. Lots of calories, but mmmm.