Saturday, January 31, 2009

Guest Blogger: Serena Worthington

I was reading somewhere, on the internets perhaps, where someone listed their favorite food as chip and dip. It would never have occurred to me to list chip and dip myself. I would think your favorite food should be an entree like mac ‘n cheese or fish tacos. However, when you think about it, it’s a good answer. Here is a most excellent dip recipe from our friend Carol’s mother, Virginia.

Mrs. Stanley’s French Onion Dip.
(Pictured in its natural party environment.)

1 1/2 packages of onion soup mix
8 oz cream cheese (don’t use lite cream cheese ‘cuz that would be wrong)
16 oz sour cream (see above regarding “lite”)
blend with a hand mixer until cream cheese is well mixed
chill for at least an hour until firm
Serve with sturdy chips--this is some hearty dip

(editor's note: I think Kettle Chips, the sea salt and cracked black pepper kind, would be great with this dip. It is SERIOUSLY the best French onion dip I have ever had.)

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